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How to get customers attention without manipulation


It’s easy to sell toilet paper.
Everyone needs it, and everyone knows how to use it.
But what if your clients don’t understand the benefits of your work?
How to get customers‘ attention?

Your customers get sometimes stuck in their problems.
All they know is that they have a problem and that it is painful. Your clients only know what they don’t want.

Let’s take an example and assume that you are a healing practitioner. You help your clients through Greenberg sessions.

Your client thinks:
„I have back pain and want to get rid of it! “

Now, this is what many healing practitioners do:
They explain in great detail how their method works, who invented it, and how amazing it is:

„I am using the XYZ technique. It’s incredible… no matter what problem you have, it will solve it!“

But that’s not what your client wants to hear.
You won’t get customers‘ attention like that. All he can think of is his pain. It’s dominant in his perception. He can’t even think of a solution.. all he can think of is the pain that he has.

Freelancers: How to get customers‘ attention in five easy steps

1. Let your client know that you understand him and his pain.

2. Tell him that you know how to relieve that pain and how many back pain clients you already helped in the past. Chances are high that your customer starts paying attention.

3. Stop talking and listen to him. If he is willing to let go of the pain, he will ask the right questions to find out if he wants to work with you or not.

4. Answer his questions. That usually leads to step 5:

5. Make an appointment for a session to relieve his pain.

Congratulations, you got a new client!
But wait.. you usually don’t stumble into people who tell you about their back pain. So what do you do?

You go to the places where your clients hang out, both on the internet and in the real world.
The great thing is – you don’t need to go there in person. You can write something and put it there, in the form of an article, blog post, or flyer.

Write an appealing text that catches the interest of people with back pain.
Publish it as a blog article, on linked in, Fb or other social media platforms. Alternative:
You can also design a flyer, print it and put it in places where people with back pain hang around

Ingredients for an attention-grabbing text

Make sure to include these five elements to get your customer's attention:

- Headline with understanding problem
- Solution
- How they get the solution
- Testimonials
- Contact information

Caution – before you print a thousand flyers, make sure that the text works!

This is how you do it: 
1. Ask former or current clients if they would do you a favor

2. Show them the text – in the best case you are sitting next to them so that you can observe their direct reaction

3. Ask them if your writing is clear, and if they would make an appointment if they had back pain. Also, ask if they have any other questions.

4. Don’t explain anything! If they tell you that they didn’t understand a sentence, write it down,

5. Update your text and show it to them again.

6. Repeat until they get what you want to communicate.

7. Check grammar and typography for any mistakes. Have someone proofread the text.

8. Add a portrait picture of yourself

Ok, now you are ready to publish the text.

You can use it in creative ways:
- Tell friends and family members that you can solve back pain (or whatever problems you solve). Ask them if they know someone with back pain. Give them your text and ask if they would be willing to give it to that person(s).

- Put a link in your email signature to the text.

- Put the text in places where your customers hang around. In our example you could ask in the nearby gym if you can put your text on the notice board.

General tips on how to get customers' attention:

Always think of your text as a first draft.
That takes away the pressure of perfectionism.

Don’t overthink. Go out and get real-world feedback from other human beings. You can only assume what they need to read to understand what you want to say. Ask them.

Think of the text as a little to do that you finish in 30 minutes (for the first round). It’s not a big deal unless you make it one.

If you feel afraid, stuck, or unclear, you can relax. That’s normal. Embrace the feelings, don’t believe in them and go on, step by step.

Improving your text is a process. It will never be „perfect“ or „finished“. There is always a next, better version.

Final thoughts on how to get customers‘ attention

Being in business means being in service.
If you want to support your clients, you need to put them first. They are not interested in what you want to tell them; they want to solve their problem.

It’s not personal, which is a good thing.
Because that also means that you don’t need to take feedback on your text personal. If you are afraid of what others think, if you are scared to publish the text.. then you should do some inner work to avoid that your feelings hold you back from reaching out to your clients.

The moment your clients realize that:
a) you understand them and
b) that you offer a solution,
they become interested in it. The rest happens by itself.

If you know how to get customers‘ attention, it is not only easy but also fun.
You don’t need to force someone into buying. Instead, you can let your customers decide if what you offer fits them. 


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