August 13

Freelancers: Do what you love.. or lose your customers


I know, it sounds wired:

If you do marketing only to get more clients, you will probably lose them. 

If you do more of what you love and make it public, clients will find you.

When you have read this article to the end, you'll understand how turning it to practice; it's simple logic that two things will happen:

1) you find more satisfaction in what you do and sleep better
2) your customers turn into fans and spread the word.

Here is the story:

In 2015, I was living in a shared flat in Berlin with six other online business owners.
It was a crazy think tank full of ideas and inspiration.

When I went to the kitchen for breakfast, I often found myself still there 3 hours later.. in an in-depth conversation about online marketing or a coaching session.

Back then, I was still in the early stages of my former business for highly sensitive people.
It was snowballing, but I was wondering how I could reach more people.

Some of my flatmates focused heavily on SEO.
They challenged themselves to write an article per day to rank higher on Google.

It sounded great - write an article once, get more clients forever.

I was sold. The problem was: I hated writing at that time.

But I joined there challenge.
Together we started our day in our private coworking space (aka "living room"). The room didn't have big windows. You could hear the big street in close distance.

I forced myself to sit there, trying to come up with something.
It didn't work.

After three days, I, frustrated and angry at myself for not being able to do what seemed to be so easy for my friends.

How would I reach more people?
How could I support them when they didn't even know that I exist?

My mind didn't have an answer.

But a few days later, something unexpected happened.

By coincidence, I stumbled upon the analytics of my Youtube account.

Yes, I had a youtube channel back then. I had started to shoot videos an put them online.

You might not know: I was working at a cameraman on TV and that I can go crazy about camera gear, microphones, and film sets.

So I just loved shooting videos. I talked about my experience as a highly sensitive person in a society that is not made for empaths.

I wasn't even aware that others might watch them. Youtube just seemed to be a great place to store them. Until that day, when I stumbled upon my channel analytics.

How I got my first 1.000 subscribers

I sat there, astonished:
1.000 subscribers. Around 25.000 views.
Comments from people telling me how grateful they were for the videos.

By following my heart, I had done the right thing to reach my audience.
Without a second agenda ( = getting more clients).

Now, in 2019, my old youtube channel has 6.650 subscribers and is close to 1.000,000 views. I needed to look it up again because I still don't care about the figures. I care about doing what I love. It's nice to know that other people find them helpful, but still - it's not the primary reason why I create videos.

To conclude: 

- I do what I love, it satisfies me, and I sleep well.
- I get a lot of emails from people who tell me that they heard from someone else about my work and that they helped them a lot. matter how your marketing looks like:
I hope for you that you built it around what you love.
Otherwise, you should change it today.

Because if you don't enjoy it, you'll lose energy every time you do marketing.
Even worse: Your audience will notice that you don't love what you do. They might not realize it consciously, but they will feel it.

We all love to buy from people who love what they do. So do your customers. 

​​What are your thoughts on this?
Let's take the conversation to the comment section.

Wishing you all the best,


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